Sample essay on Organized Crime

Organized crime just as the name suggests refers to any form of illegal activity that is classified as a criminal offence and is committed by a group of people who are acting on orders. Such crimes are committed by persons who act under the authority of an individual (s) who are in charge of the illegal groups. Such people usually plan their activities well in advance and act according to how those plans are set.

There are several activities that are classified under organized crime like drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, human trafficking, robbery with violence, and abductions among several others. In fact, there are several forms in which organized crime is manifested.

Even money laundering can be classified under organized crime since it is among those that are committed by gangs that belong to organized illegal groups. The money that is usually lost in organized crime is in large sums that are enough to jeopardize economies and even bring down regimes. Most of these are used in ‘buying’ elections in political contests, financing war amongst communities among others.

Today, organized crime has taken diverse routes globally, making it even more challenging to fight it. Illicit goods are today being moved across continents without being noticed. Organized crime that takes place on such magnitude usually involves even government agencies and instructions, hence not very easy to detect and even fight. As a result of this, corruption levels are soaring, businesses are infiltrated, economic, political and social development is highly prejudiced. In fact, transnational organized crime is a particular form of organized crime that deeply undermines democracy and governance since it only empowers those who operate against the law.

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Apart from just the transnational organized crime that takes place between countries or even continents, there is also national organized crime that is conducted locally. All these are similar since they are both conducted by disciplined groups of people who belong to particular illegal outfits. Besides, even the activities are similar; the only difference is the platform over which they operate. National organized crime is played on a small area but is still illegal.

Organized crimes are done by people who are affiliated to a particular group that is formed against the law. Such groups usually have clearly marked territories, rules and even codes that govern the way they conduct their operations. At the helm of the groups, there are leaders who call the shots; the ones who control the operations of the outfits. Such groups are even hired to commit organized crime by prominent people in government in exchange for payment or protection.

Organized crime usually has dire economic, social and political impacts that can destabilize the success of any nation within just a very short duration of time and should be prevented in any means possible. Stiff penalties should be created and implemented to ensure that those who are involved in such practices are punished.

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